Splashtop Personal App Reviews

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Awesome, but...

The app has a tendency to hold onto old devices though they are offline and the app no longer remains on that device. There is no option to just remove any device from the list. Quite disappoint for me and my need for cleanliness and order.

Great App - Poor Support. Waiting for reply!

I love the app, but the support is abysmal. I submitted a support request one week ago and did not receive a reply yet. Please help. I have a new phone and need the two factor authentication removed so i can login again. Please help!


Yess it worked but wait you have to pay monthly dang it

Splashtop is the best

I still love splashtop but the streaming is very slow after updating my mac to Mojave yesterday.

Slow slow slow

Slow and likes to crash.

Use to love this ap

After the last update it will not connect. I have written support and no one responds.

Upgrade to $$$Suckage

This app worked great for six months and then forced me through the pay window, to pay a hefty yearly subscription and for my ignorance and cash it now: ❤️ no longer plays full screen, ❤️ no longer syncs audio, ❤️ and the video is choppy and dropping frames. ❤️ yay!

Great remote access to computers,

Use it to all the time to acesss various computers from a print server to gram as computer to undo things she did. Desk top app is a buggy and will crash starting up a few time a week. But once it gets running, it is stable

Not iPad friendly

Unable to use the mouse on my iPad

Works perfect evry time

App has never let me down once and works every time! Get it

Currently useless

Only shows the Splashtop black screen after logging into computer from the Splashtop app on my iPad Pro.

Do NOT download!

I thought this would be a good app! Until it broke my monitor. I just got my computer fixed a few months ago and now after trying to use this app my monitor doesn't turn on!

One of my most trusted apps

Keeps getting better and more stable. I rely on this app to access and retrieve files from my office system when I'm "on the road" visiting clients, etc. It has saved my skin on numerous occasions, and I recommend Splashtop to others frequently. Great job!

The best

The best, most streamlined, and simplest remote access program I’ve used. And very economical. I just wish I knew what internet port it’s using!

I want a refund

Everything else works just as fine except that I can’t use it to draw on photoshop which is the only reason I got this app And by the looks of it this issue has persisted long enough and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Works great

Runs well on iPad Pro to manage both windows 8 and 10 desktops. Just paid for the annual subscription which is fairly cheap. Just moved over from TeamViewer after it kept complaining that I'm using for commercial purposes when I'm not.

Not a drawing app

I was hoping I could use this app on my iPad as a drawing tablet, but it’s it very clunky it will not let you draw clear smooth lines.


Yes, this is the one you're looking for. Simple to setup, simple to use and frequently updated. This has got to be a passion for these guys, because over the years of owning this app it just gets better all the time but more importantly SOLID. Each release has worked spot on for me. Without any hesitation I highly recommend Splashtop!

Just 30 minutes in ...

Just installed the Personal version. I’m impressed. I have to go through a short learning curve for the finger motions; may look for mouse emulators, but for now I am elated. Now I can actually work certain issues from anywhere in the house. Next will be the version that I can go away, outside of my home network, and get updated data from my home pc while on the road.

Mouse stops responding until I restart my iPad

Is my most used app, I use it all day every day. I need to restart the app many times a day now to get the mouse to respond. This started recently.

Need a refund

Getting too much slow connection, I am 1 gig network and this remote session can’t even keep up..


Almost like you were there

Works great for DAW control

After having one DAW control app become obsolete due to ios11, and trying two others that didn’t work, Splashtop works wonderfully for controllingCakewalk Sonar on a PC.


Simple interface & works great!

Working okay (with random slowness to respond.)

I have a great Network setup in my home and it is still very slow. Some days it works flawlessly, and some days it takes more time to use it than it would to drive home and work without it. Also, it’s very difficult to learn the shortcuts. Hard getting used to controls.

Remote Access Costs Extra But Worth It

I used Splashtop for about three years with mutliple computers, tablets, and phones with great success. I use it mainly when I want to watch a movie/show that is downloaded on my computer, that I want to watch in bed on my tablet. I also use it commonly for streaming live sports from certain web sites on my tablet (the tablet can't play video on its own since it doesn't have flash built in but using splashtop bypasses this hindrance)

Best ever

Seamless between many devices and rock solid operation!

Best features behind subscription

App is fine. Works consistently. Uses Touch ID. Easy wake-on-LAN. Easy connecting to computers on your local WiFi if you turn off your VPN on both the host and guest device. The productivity pack is feature-packed, but most of the features should be free. The app would get five stars if every feature of the productivity psicólogo were free, except for syncing your custom UIs across devices, which should be bundled with the Access Anywhere Pack, rather than being its own subscription. The effective price of the app is $10 + $7 per month or $34 per year for the best experience. I have had the app for several years and have not maintained either subscription, except when I need remote access, which is rare, and growing rarer with the expanding capabilities of iOS.

New update added new bugs

This app is amazing, but there are some things that prevent me from giving it a 5 star. The app worked fine until it got the new update. While it did make the app look a lot better than before, it made the app slower to use and more tedious than before. It added some lag and whenever I use the trackpad option, which is what I always use, whenever I move my cursor over something and the mouse indicates what it hovering over by changing its image, It moves the mouse to the bottom right which makes clicking on certain things very annoying.

The best for every device!

I’ve been using Splashtop since it was the free app of the day like 7 years ago on Android. I have always loved how seamless it is to connect to all of my computers using whatever device I have closest to me. I use it for both home and work, and I really enjoy the flexibility. Whether I’m accessing my home PC from my Mac at work, or checking a download on my laptop from my phone when I’m at lunch, this app has always given me the quick, easy access I need to manage my computers remotely. It’s really awesome.

Great app

Being able to access base home computer from my mobile phone or ipad make business procedures much easier. Thanks

Laden with bugs...Won’t stop crashing

I wanted to love this app. It’s a great idea. However, it crashes every time I try to open up the shortcuts bar. Really irritating. This is the reason why I went with this app over Screens, so if that feature isn’t going to work, then I am going back to Screens...How do I get my money back?

Works great iPad Pro 10.5

Really happy with this. Bought anywhere access option and allows me to hook up to my 2 home Win 10 PCs. Streams video & audio just fine - other popular free app I tried would not stream audio from a connect device.

This app works fine..

just a bit tricky issue.

Best Remote Access App

This app works and is extremely reliable. I previously used LogMeIn, but switched when they became unrealistic with their annual access fees. Splashtop provides all or more features of LogMeIn at a fraction of the price. I am connected, without issues, to both Mac and Windows computers.

Love the Convenience

I had been looking for a remote mouse app, not expecting to be able to access my desktop. But this app allows both and the convenience is beyond my expectations. There is a split second delay in trackpad responsiveness between iPad and desktop that makes precision clicking frustrating at times, but I deal with it. That’s the only flaw I’ve found so far in my limited use.

TeamViewer is free....

TeamViewer is free for personal use. Not sure what benefit paying an annual fee here brings

Buyer be ware

If you want to try this, buy just the 30 period. Of course they will auto renew once decide it isn’t worth it. This is an absolutely terrible product. And good luck getting any hone support, because they won’t speak to you about this upgrade or show you how to unsubscribe. Deleting doesn’t tend the subscription. Shame because the first Splashtop was the best deal in the App Store and this pack is all about taking your money and not standing behind the product.

Works great

I’ve tried several apps that remote-in to my computer, but Splashtop is head and shoulders above the rest. The only problem with the app is me—after I have not used it for a while, I forget that to remote in I need to have Splashtop open and running on my computer as well :-) . I just injured my leg, and am pretty confined to sitting in my lazy-boy downstairs. Nice to have my iPad running Splashtop to check my email and run some programs on my computer upstairs. Remote doesn’t need to be far away! ** I just dropped this review by one star. After submitting the original review, I received 4 identical emails from the same person thanking me for my review, and asking me if I want to update. Well, that’s really annoying and an invasion of my privacy. **

Great app from home or away

Just got this app before going on vacation and am amazed at how well it works. Had a few things I knew I wanted to try and get done and sitting here in the Cayman Islands it connected right to my home computer and works great. It also works well if you need to do something while home from the living room. I paid for a month but the year charges are so inexpensive that I may just get that and not worry. You will love this app.

You can use Mathematica with this

This app singlehandedly turned my iPad into a notebook. Bravo. Edit: Everything was going fine but after 24 hours I encountered a huge bug in this app where the screen as well as audio is highly distorted despite being on my home network with a strong connection. Hopefully we will get a patch for this because its kind of a let down considering how good this app can be if it actually works. The day after I submitted my bug report the app was back working appropriately and I have since updated my rating to four stars. May not be perfect but it has its uses and the support team seems to be responsive enough to hold things together. Hope this helps.

Issue Fix it

Thanks to fix the app with the new version , I’m happy again,

Good App, crashes after last update on iPad Pro 10.5

Please fix

Another misguided "update"

Constantly disconnects now, and why are the mouse buttons so ridiculously small? They're minuscule on an iPad Pro. When Splashtop works, it's fantastic, but for the love of god stop tinkering with it.

Works great!

Works great with my iPad 3,2 as a client to my 2012 iMac. Attached an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad and now I have a remote Mac with a touchscreen; pretty cool.

Excellent for logging on to home computer while away

I love this app. I used it years ago, and remembered it when my current job allowed me to work from home or travel with my spouse. When I checked the App Store, there it was! I’ve had a little trouble adapting to all the extra security, but finally got it. Now I can work from anywhere at anytime!

Because of this app I’ve traveled the world without a laptop

Because of this app I’ve traveled the world without a laptop. I can always connect into my home or work desktop PC and work as though I’m sitting right in front of my computer.

Worst Ever

This app did not work and support did not respond. Have asked for refund. Environment IPad and Windows 10.

The worst

This used to be my go to app, but now it crashes at launch every time. Can’t support it anymore.

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